Step out of the private elevator onto the 51st floor, and enter the elegant world of AP. Its inviting design incorporates a rich colour palette alongside luxurious features and hints of Japanese inspiration, all in an intentionally understated finish to maintain its most welcoming nature.

The entirely custom, glass chandelier of “umbrella” shapes – the visual focus of the space second only to its wrap around views – was crafted in a deep, amber tone also repeated in unique pendants over the main bar. Stunning patterns and wall coverings adorn wood tone & grain decorated rooms, all nodding subtly to East Asian design cues. AP’s banquettes present a look of antique wood pieces, wrapped in modern blue fabrics, with small glass panels along the back. On either entrance side, vast scallop-shaped booths of floral patterning create intimate dining zones for larger groups, that still feel connected to the main room’s buzz & atmosphere. Even more exclusive, the private dining room with its own reception area and floor to ceiling cityline gazing.

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