LaLa’s Social House

Enter an opulent haven that exudes grandeur and drama in every detail, designed with a blend of traditional and eclectic elements to create a striking visual narrative. The two-story private member’s club is adorned with luxurious red velvet drapery spanning both stories, and a rich colour palette that adds an air of old world sophistication. Traditional features like dark wood panelling on the walls and bar coexist with eclectic furniture infusing a dash of Soho’s modern flair into the atmosphere.

Upstairs, the interior boasts brick walls adding a raw touch of authenticity to the ambiance, while the piano bar and lounge area, complete with an actual grand piano, sets a classy and playful tone. Downstairs, the curbed banquette seating adds a hint of old-school gangster charm. Custom wallpaper throughout the venue serves as an artistic thread, seamlessly connecting the upper and lower levels. Panelled glass windows allow you to peek into the bustling kitchen, adding an element of transparency and intrigue to your visit. Lala’s takes tradition and gives it a modern twist making the space a captivating fusion of past and present.

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