paris texas

The character of the space has original brick walls and fir wood beams throughout gives it industrial bones but we have elevated that space with copper metals, rich marbles, and leather seating.

The unique name is a reflection of its concept, combining the refined elegance of Paris with the rustic country charm of Texas.

With plastered, lite up archways in the middle dining leading you down the restaurant to the arched feature back wall. Under the arches it has large curved mustard yellow banquettes.

There are two feature bars in the space, one large circular one in the center with marble pieces that follow the curved front of the bar with an accent over top with layered rings in copper metal creating a canopy.

The other matching a red stoned marble covering the front and top with leather matching var stools in front for a seamless look.

With an expansive patio bar with cabana seating and a large stone bar in the middle. truly comes alive in the evening.

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